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24 Hour Live-In Care & Overnight Care Services

When You Or Your Loved One Needs A Little Extra Care

24-Hour Live-In Care & Overnight Care Services Chilliwack / Surrey/ Fraser Valley

Overnight care and 24-hour live-in care in Chilliwack, Surrey, and Fraser Valley is a special service we offer for individuals who are currently on a waiting list for assisted living/ long term residential care, or for those who are simply not interested in moving to a big box facility to meet their care needs. 


The reality of facility waiting lists in the lower mainland is over 1 year, and in that time, busy families may need someone to look after their loved one more frequently.

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Individuals who request overnight care may need assistance with toileting over the night, soiled incontinence pad changes, or simply someone to keep a close eye on them while they sleep. People that have a medical history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from the safety that comes along with overnight care and 24-hour home supervision and help. The advantage of having someone stay and look after your loved one will give you the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep and energy for the days to come.


Overnight and 24-hour live-in care is designed to have a compatible caregiver stay with you, and help with your activities of daily living. All the services offered on our webpage are included in the time we spend with you for 24-hour live-in care or overnight care.

Looking for a solution to your family’s elderly care needs?


Special Flexible Rate for 24-hour care  Affordable | Minimum 2 hours


Approved Care Providers for ICBC and WorkSafe BC. We direct bill insurance companies making it easier for you.



24-hour live-in care or overnight care is a special service that is based on a per diem so that it is more affordable for you and your family.


Please speak with us to learn more about our current rate for these services.

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Nikita is very smart, efficient, kind hearted and skillful RN. Always goes out of her way to help people. I highly recommend her company because of their high level of skills and exceptional service. All the best in this company!

Contact Us For 24 Hour Live-In And Overnight Care Services In Chilliwack And Surrey

To start a conversation about how we can help you or your loved one with 24 hour live-in care & Overnight Care services, click below and send us a message, or just give us a call!


100% Confidentiality Guaranteed


Licensed and Insured


No Long term Contract


24/7 Availability and Scheduling


Anytime Access to a Registered Nurse

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