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Depression Care Services

When You Or Your Loved One Needs Help Coping With Depression Issues

Depression Care – Chilliwack – Surrey

Let us Help with Depression Care in Chilliwack / Surrey / Fraser Valley


We help with Depression Care in Chilliwack, Surrey, and the Fraser Valley

Depression is a mental state of being that is quite common in the older adult population. Unfortunately, depression is underdiagnosed in this population and therefore not fully addressed or treated.

Depression is diagnosed if the individual has had two consecutive weeks of some of the following symptoms: Feelings of hopelessness and despair, expressing thoughts of wanting to end their life, decreased appetite or overeating, weight loss or weight gain, excessive drug or alcohol intake, avoiding all social interactions, no longer wanting to engage in hobbies, friends or family members, self-neglect, unable to keep a job, depressed mood for most of the day, etc.

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It is important to distinguish depression from other commonly used words that people mistakenly use to describe depression. Feeling the “blues,” sadness, weary, “low,” are usually reserved for people when they are experiencing short-term emotions of general sadness.

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Causes for a patient developing depression are widespread and individual. Some examples include – the loss of a spouse, loss of a pet, diagnoses of a terminal illness (cancer), chronic pain, loss of independence such as the loss of their driver’s license, forced to move from their home due to increasing disability or disease, social isolation, bankruptcy, etc.

Not everyone that experiences one of the above will develop depression, some people are able to combat hardship and sorrow more effectively with a combination of personality and character traits, resiliency, social support, and positive coping skills.

Positive coping skills are vital in gradually overcoming tragedy in our lives. These include – deep breathing, meditation, exercise, journaling, praying, music therapy, talking to others, etc.
Negative coping skills include – excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, gambling, etc.

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If you think someone has depression or you are concerned that he/she may be showing signs of depression, take action. Do not let them have to have to continue to deal with their depression alone.

Here at Modern Day Home Health Care, we take active steps to identify and help alleviate the symptoms of depression. Actively listening and learning about how they are feeling is the first step in recognizing the issue. We take note of the signs of depression that were listed above to see if they are present. We will work with you and practice the positive coping skills mentioned above to see if they may help alleviate some symptoms.

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