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Medication Assistance Services

When You Or Your Loved One Needs Help With Medications

Medication Assistance - Chilliwack And Surrey

Medication Assistance – Chilliwack – Surrey – Fraser Valley


Medication safety is one of our primary goals in providing safe and competent care for you or your family member. Common concerns with medications revolve around medication safety.


There are many instances when medication errors can occur due to personal health challenges that some clients may face. A decline in memory, polypharmacy (multiple medications) or an inability to crush and swallow medications are just a few examples of the hardships that can arise when dealing with medication. Ultimately, what ends up happening is that clients may forget to take their medications, take the wrong dose (too much, or not enough), or even end up taking the wrong medication.


By preventing these medication errors, the risk of being hospitalized is significantly reduced! Medication safety and compliance will help keep you well in your home and out of the hospital.

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Administering Medication – Chilliwack – Surrey – Fraser Valley


Administering medication is not as simple as just giving medication when it is scheduled to be given. As mentioned above, medication safety requires that we follow the 5 Rights of medication safety administration when dealing with your medications.


We check to make sure the right medication is given to the Right person at the right time. In addition, we ensure that the Right dose and Right route of administration are reviewed before giving it to you.


We will give your medication however you prefer – blister pack, whole, crushed, mixed with yogurt, etc.

If at any time your caregiver or you have questions about your medications, feel free to contact our


Registered Nurse who is available 24/7 to assist you with all your medication questions.

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Nikita is very thorough in her assessments and knowledgeable in nursing care. She have an acute care background that gives her an edge to take care of complex clients, from promoting health to rehab. She have skills and have a heart to give when she takes care of her patients which I think is the most important thing. I would trust her as a nurse for my family members.

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To start a conversation about how we can help you or your loved one with Medication Assistance services, click below and send us a message, or just give us a call!


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