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Why Home Care is Right for You

When You Or Your Loved One Needs Help With Personal Care

Why Home-Based Personal Care for Seniors is the Right Choice

Why Home-Based Personal Care for Seniors is the Right Choice
For many years the idea of the nursing home was one that seemed to dominate Western culture. It was the acceptable way for those who cared about family to allow them to enjoy their senior years in a safe and pleasant environment and in the company of others of their age group who shared similar interests. it was taken for granted that they would receive professional care and have their daily emotional and physical needs met by professional and dedicated staff.

Unfortunately, the idea of nursing homes has been viewed through rose-tinted spectacles. The level of personal care that seniors receive while in nursing homes is often sub-standard, and certainly does not always include a focus on their mental wellbeing.

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Fortunately, increasing numbers of families are choosing an alternative route when it comes to meeting the needs of aging family members – and this is home care.


At Modern Day Home Health Care, we assist with a wide variety of personal care needs. These include toileting, showering, transfers, changing incontinence pads, help with commodes, urinals, and more. We make live convenient for your loved ones and provide support where it’s needed, customized to their unique needs.


The attractions of home care are obvious – it allows the individual to enjoy a degree of independence, surrounded by things that they love. This sense of familiarity is comforting and provides them that most precious of gifts – peace of mind. Home care allows seniors to avoid the impersonal structures and daily routines of a nursing home. All too often seniors express the same emotions when asked about their nursing home experience – the days seem to merge into one another in a blur of drab ‘sameness’ – with very little mental stimulation and even less care from staff who are there to simply do a job, not reassure and care at a time that can be confusing and frightening for many seniors.

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Home care offers a completely different experience for both those who are enjoying the personal attention of a professional caregiver.


Professional caregivers are more than just people who arrive in the morning and set about preparing meals, doing some light cleaning and overseeing the taking of medication (although those tasks are important). They are friends and companions. They are a shoulder to cry on. They are there to help make sense of what many seniors view as an increasingly confusing hostile and confusing world.


For families, home care offers a way to reconnect to parents and grandparents, free of the guilt that often accompanies consigning seniors to an old age home. Each visit is no longer a chore – it is a pleasure. Families rediscover each other; they laugh and cry and hold each other tight in the knowledge that time is fleeting.


Love, care, compassion and support are part and parcel of home care – and that is how it should be.

I have had the pleasure of working with Nikita in NWT and her compassion for and competence in nursing provide the basis for a company committed to the provision of safe, proficient client-centred care. Highly recommend!

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