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Anytime Access to Registered Nurse

When You Or Your Loved One Needs A Little Extra Care With A Registered Nurse

Anytime Access to Registered Nurse – Chilliwack / Surrey / Fraser Valley

24 Hour Access A Registered Nurse – Chilliwack, Surrey, And Fraser Valley

When you decide to trust Modern Day Home Health Care as your home care provider you will rest assured you are in not only compassionate hands but competent ones as well. Having a Registered Nurse overlooking your care, who is also easily accessible, can be one of the most comforting facts of belonging with Modern Day Home Health Care.


Registered Nurses (“RN”) are professionals who work very closely with patients, families, doctors, and other health care professionals. RNs are fundamentally the glue of healthcare. The input from RNs is extremely valuable, they are able to predict and anticipate changes in your health and care needs. An RN can design a care plan with you in the center of the care so that you are always the orchestrator of your health.

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In addition, you are able to call and speak with our RN regarding any of your urgent and not urgent questions and concerns. For example, your family member may have been prescribed a new medication but you are not sure what it was prescribed for. Our RNs are always available to help with answering questions and educating you the best we can. We can also give you guidance as to when it may be necessary for a doctor’s visit or even if an emergency visit is warranted.

Our care staff is handpicked and the nurses, whether RN or LPN come with 5 Star reviews and years of relevant experience in Home Support and Acute Care.

Our nurses provide both medical and non-medical care in the time that they spend with you. They can do everything from changing dressings, post-operative care of drains, ventilator management, foley catheter care, specialized para and quadriplegic care, IV therapy, home oxygen management, palliative, and End of life care, diabetes and dementia management, etc. In addition, they will be able to do all the other things that are required to get going in the day such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication assistance, companionship, walking, exercise, and the list goes on!

Looking for a solution to your family’s elderly care needs?

Ultimately, a nurse is crucial in any home care agency for the safety and well being of you and your loved ones. Having access to this RN is what sets us apart from many competitors as they do not have this valuable and essential resource since it is not mandated by the provincial or federal government as of yet.


Read our 5 star reviews on Google to see how many satisfied clients have worked closely with our team of nurses and care staff.

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This is a very kind and competent home care agency! It is run by a RN which makes a big difference in my opinion as she knows exactly what the next steps are with my dad when his COPD starts to flare up. We have so much trust in this company !

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Anytime Access to a Registered Nurse

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