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Stroke And  CVA Care Services

When You Or Your Loved One Needs Help With The Aftermath Of A Stroke

Stroke/CVA Care In Chilliwack – Surrey – Fraser Valley

Need Stroke/CVA Care in Chilliwack – Surrey – Fraser Valley? We are here for you!

One of the most debilitating health challenges a person may experience is a Stroke, otherwise known as a CVA (cerebral vascular accident). Once a patient is discharged home from the hospital’s rehabilitation unit, the patient may still not have full control over their neuromuscular ability. In these situations, the stroke patient will require assistance based on what their neuro-deficits are.


Neuro-deficits range from mild to severe and can vary on what parts of the body are affected. For instance, the patient may be completely unable to move one side of their body, unable to swallow normally, unable to speak and/or walk, etc. These deficits are based on the exact locations of the brain that were damaged by the stroke. Many disciplines are involved in the care of the stroke patient so that the patient is able to safely return home, such as occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, physiotherapist,s and the home health case manager.

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The aftermath of a stroke can be devastating for the patient and their family, and many times assistance at home is necessary. Our team will be able to create a stroke care plan with you so that you are able to remain comfortably at home with all the right assistance when needed.


We can help with transfers, incontinence pad changes, sponge baths and helping you with your rehabilitation therapist exercise plan. We can also help with meal preparation and feeding by following your speech language therapist orders for what texture of food is safest for you to swallow.


In addition, we are able to provide caregiver relief for your family because it is common for caregiver exhaustion/burnout to occur with stroke patients due to their complex needs.

We are specialized in what it takes to safely and competently care for stroke patients in your home.


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