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Dementia Alzheimer’s Care Services

When You Or Your Loved One Needs Help Coping With Dementia Or Alzheimers Issues

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Service Chilliwack / Surrey / Fraser Valley

Our team is dedicated to the ethical and safe care of people diagnosed and living with dementia in Chilliwack, Surrey, And Fraser Valley. We understand and honor the fact that this population is considered a vulnerable population due to changes in their cognition and reasoning abilities.


Dementia is a broad term used to describe the gradual decline in mental ability that interferes with daily living. There are many different types of Dementia, one commonly heard type is Alzheimer’s. There are different degrees of mental decline that can affect a person’s quality of life. Some may have mild memory loss affecting primarily their short-term memory.

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Others may have more severe cases of dementia that will affect their ability to do simple activities of daily living that we may take for granted. For example, they may forget how to use the toilet, or how to cook and feed themselves. Forget to turn the stove off or lock the front door. Forget how to drive, change their clothes, and brush their teeth.


They may forget who their friends and family are. They may not even know their own name, address, or birthday anymore. As you can see, dementia can be frightening for patients and their families, therefore these patients require varying amounts of individualized support.

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Dementia Care Tips – Chilliwack – Surrey


As mentioned above, we are dedicated to the ethical treatment and care of people with dementia in Chilliwack, Surrey, and Fraser Valley and are aware that this population of people requires specialized training and knowledge in order to effectively care for them. Here are a few research-based Dementia care tips that we utilize in our daily practice at work so that you can rest assured that your family member is incompetent, caring hands.

  • It is better to be on the same team with your patient who has dementia than against them. Research has documented that dementia patients have an increased awareness of others’ emotions. These patients are better at gauging your intentions, mood, and whether you are genuine or not in your interaction with them. We always keep this in mind when caring for these patients.

  • Be genuine in your approach to care. Always introduce who you are and what your role is. Smile with your eyes and face. Always keep your hands out in front of you so that they are able to easily see what is in your hands.

  • We talk and do one task at a time with you until it is completely done. In this manner, we reduce anxiety and do not overwhelm ourselves with too many tasks and information all at once.

  • We will always ask for permission before doing any personal care. If it is not okay, we will never force it but will ask at a different time.

  • We will refrain from saying common phrases such as, “You already told me that” or “Why do you keep repeating yourself.” We remember that some of these patients will have a tendency to repeat, and that is totally okay. We will stay calm and be patient.

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I got a chance to work with Nikita. She’s very empathetic, a beautiful soul and one of a kind. She does excellent job and make it sure she meets all clients needs, very professional in doing her assessments. Niki has KSA and that stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude in dealing with individual who NEEDS her help.

I highly recommend MODERN DAY HOME HEALTH company.

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