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About Us

- Quality Home Health Care Services -

We are a home health care agency in Chilliwack, Surrey, and in the Fraser Valley, owned and operated by Registered Nurses


Our Story

Modern Day Home Health Care is owned and operated by Registered Nurses. Rest assured knowing your home health care needs are being overseen by professionals who are experts in the Home and Community care sectors.

Having registered nurses oversee you or your family members will ensure that you receive the most up-to-date holistic care. In addition, you will always have access to a registered nurse for any of your questions or concerns. This feature ensures that your care will always be our top priority no matter what time of day it is. Not only will we address your physical and medical needs but we pride ourselves in providing you with quality care centered around your emotional health.

Nurses are advocates for seniors that understand the hardships and high costs associated with home health care. Our objective is to offer you affordable, quality home care so that you can remain comfortably in your home.

Modern Day Home Health Care is proud to announce that 10% of proceeds are directly given back to seniors that are facing financial hardships or acute crises. Our aim is to avoid hospitalization and offer minimal disruption in daily life. With our initiative, we have been able to keep seniors living happily and healthily in their homes.

Here Is Our Promise To You

With Modern Day Home Health Care we ensure that you are the orchestrator of your health, we will not rush you or tell you how things should get done. We promise to always listen and not keep you waiting for your care needs.


We will go above and beyond to help with the little details in your day-to-day that will help ease your mind. For example, we will prepare nutritious meals the way you like them, iron clothing, comb your hair the way your like, help with makeup application, go for walks with you, accompany you to your doctor’s appointments, and so much more!


Our aim is to keep you smiling and laughing throughout our time spent with you.

Are you looking for a solution to your family elderly care needs?

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