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Hygiene And Personal Care

When You Or Your Loved One Needs Help With Personal Care And Hygiene

Hygiene And Personal Care - Chilliwack And Surrey

Hygiene And Personal Care – Chilliwack, Surrrey, and The Fraser Valley

One of the most difficult tasks for family members to provide for their loved ones is personal care. It can be both emotionally and physically taxing on family members. This is because, most people are never trained to do everyday personal hygiene tasks for another such as toileting, bathing, or applying clothing.


It can be uncomfortable for family to have to provide personal care to their parents, and it can be just as difficult for parents to have to ask their family for help with their intimate care. In addition, the risk of bodily injury is greatly increased due to a lack of formal training on techniques of how to safely perform these personal care duties.

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Personal Care Services

Personal care tasks are always performed in a non-hurried manner by our team. We provide care that is dignified and that maintains your integrity. There are many ways that we strive to maintain your integrity, and it can be as simple as ensuring the curtains are closed before we begin providing your personal care.


We are trained to safely transfer you on and off the toilet or commode, give you a bed bath or shower, change your attends/briefs when they are soiled, help with your clothing application and removal, and so much more.

Looking for a solution to your family’s elderly care needs?


Contact Us Today For Rates | Minimum 2 hours


1 hour time slots now available

Let our trained caregivers take on this role for you. We are trained on the most up-to-date research on how to provide competent and safe care. We always abide by Work Safe BC standards when providing home care.

Approved Care Providers for ICBC and WorkSafe BC. We direct bill insurance companies making it easier for you.

Highly reccommend this home health care service
They are always available to answer any questions, and cover last minute needs that come up !
Many thanks for everything you have done for my mom.

Contact Us For Hygiene And Personal Care Services In Chilliwack And Surrey

To start a conversation about how we can help you or your loved one with Personal Care services, click below and send us a message, or just give us a call!


100% Confidentiality Guaranteed


Licensed and Insured


No Long term Contract


24/7 Availability and Scheduling


Anytime Access to a Registered Nurse

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