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Home Care Nursing Services

When You Or Your Loved One Needs Help And In Home Nursing Care

Why Chilliwack / Surrey Nursing Home Care May Be Right For You

Moving to a new home in Chilliwack, Surrey, or Fraser Valley can be one of the most stressful events in the life of any human being. Now, imagine that stress, combine it with frailty, confusion, and age, add to that the stress of being delivered into a completely new environment – and spending that first night alone, unsure of what was happening.

This is the experience of many seniors across the country when they are forced to spend their twilight years in nursing homes.
Many families are choosing home care as a less stressful way of caring for the special needs of the elderly. In effect, home care provides the perfect solution to the needs of the elderly. It does not disrupt their life and it provides the perfect, familiar environment to enjoy each day. Of course, home care also means the presence of a professional caregiver.

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This addition to the daily life of the individual can either be disruptive or tremendously cathartic. Too many of the elderly are left on their own for hours each day, if not the entire day. A new face with an understanding manner can do wonders for reducing the effects of anxiety and depression.


These are among the most common conditions that can eventually lead to physical ailments in sufferers.

ICBC and WorkSafe BC approved Care providers
We bill directly to insurance companies making it easier for you.

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Selecting a Surrey – Chilliwack Home Health Care Provider


For many families, the impact of selecting a home care provider in Chilliwack, Surrey, or Fraser Valley can be tremendously positive. For many children and grandchildren, the obligation of caring for an aged family member can quickly become what is perceived as an obligation. This, in turn, can lead to feelings of resentment. But with home care family members are able to truly enjoy the company of that relative who is enjoying home care. They can re-explore their relationship and cherish every moment that they spend with that beloved family member.


Of course, a professional home care provider will provide caregivers that are skilled in a number of areas other than ensuring the mental well-being of those under their care.


Services should include ensuring the personal hygiene of those under their care, escorting them on excursions, preparing meals, and ensuring that the person under care their care adheres to their medication schedule. Some service providers will also offer the services of specialized caregivers. These professionals can provide a range of services such as Ventilator Care, Tube Feed Care, and Intravenous Maintenance, as well as a number of other specialized services.


The care of the elderly should not be something that is shameful. It should be an experience that respects the dignity of loved ones. Home care is one of the best ways to lay the foundations for a caring and loving relationship between family members. It is something that is well worth evaluating.

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After my mom had a hip surgery Nikita was able to provide assessment of her hip and daily dressing changes. She kept a close eye on her hip to make sure she was not developing any signs of infection. We are very grateful for her expertise and caring service.

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