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1 Hour Care Slots Available in Chilliwack

1 Hour Care Slots Available in Chilliwack Modern day home health care has been offering 1 hour care slots in Chilliwack. Some of our clients do not require more then 1 hour of care a day in order for them to continue to live safely at home. The 1 hour time slot is most beneficial for clients that require assistance with 1 or 2 main tasks in the hour. This could include:

  1. Assistance with bathing or sponge bath

  2. Medication assistance

  3. Meal preparation

  4. Light housekeeping

  5. Laundry

  6. Getting ready for the morning assistance

  7. Getting ready for bedtime assistance

You have the option to choose if you would like this service everyday or just once a week. Some clients would like this service twice a day as well. We are flexible with our scheduling options.

This is ideal for clients who do not wish to have a caregiver for too long, but just need help with the essential tasks in order to allow them to go about safely through their day.

This service would not be a good choice for a client that was wanting someone for companionship, walking exercise, or for going out and shopping/ medical appointment.

We will do our best to send the same caregivers to your home in order to ensure continuity or care and building of strong working relationships. we will send the schedule for the week out to you every Sunday, so you know exactly what time a caregiver will be coming that day. Knowing what time the caregiver is arriving allows you to plan the rest of your day accordingly. You have the option of choosing a morning, afternoon or evening time slot.

Our 1 hour time slots are filling up quickly and subject to caregiver availability only. Give us a call today and speak to our nurse to see if this is the right care option for you. 778 – 539 – 5300

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