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Caregiver Burnout: Are You Experiencing Family Caregiver Burn out?

Caregiver Burn out: Check to see if you are experiencing any of the warning signs below:

5 Common Symptoms of Family Caregiver Burn out

  1. Fatigue – You may start to feel physical and mental exhaustion. This may progress to having absolutely no energy to get out of bed, and generally feeling depleted and drained.

  2. Sleep Disruption – You may be getting up through out the night to attend to your family members care needs. As a result you are not getting a good night sleep as it is harder to get back to sleep afterwards.

  3. Feelings of Overwhelm and Anxiety – You may experience frightful and negative emotions to your family member. Feelings of being taken advantage of. You may start to feel resentment toward them and as result it may affect how you provide care to your family member in a neutral and compassionate way.

  4. Neglecting your Own Health and Wellbeing – Your appetite may change, eating more or less then usual. Physical ailments are more common such as: Back pain, headaches, getting sick with cold and flu. You may also start to cope with this by using drugs, alcohol, sleeping and anxiety medication.

  5. Social Isolation – Withdrawal from social interactions and making excuses as to why you cannot make time for others. You may also stop doing the things/ hobbies you use to enjoy doing.

If you are experiencing any of the above, know that you don’t need to do it all alone. You need support as well. We are here to assist. Whether it be a few hours of respite or more, we have certified caregivers that can take your role while you reset and recharge yourself. Your family member will be thankful if you are a healthy happier person for them as well. Caregiver burnout is a real serious phenomenon, Modern Day Home Health Care team is ready to help. Call today to learn more: 778 – 539 – 5300

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