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Cooking: Healthy Meal Preparation Ideas for Seniors

  • Senior Meal Preparation Ideas

  • Work with your client to create nutritious and satisfying meals.

  • Your client will have preferences for meals that they enjoy and special preparation instructions. Following favorite recipes are a great way to ensure that the meals will be made exactly how the client prefers their meals.

  • Portion control will help with maintaining and/or weight loss.

  • Encourage a high fiber diet to prevent constipation. Increased water intake will also help with constipation as well as preventing dehydration.

  • Another healthy choice for your senior clients is to ensure each meal has a protein source. Protein is an excellent at maintaining muscle mass. Protein sources can come from animal/fish sources, but plants can also be alternative sources of complete proteins sources.

  • Create foods to meet the senior’s swallowing requirements. For example, if they have a modified diet. Modified usually requires soften foods, pureed, thickened, dental soft, etc.

  • Having your Food Safe Certificate Basic Level 1 will help you in ensuring the food you provide to your senior clients will be safe to consume.

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