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Healthy Senior Care Habits - Getting outside and Staying Active!

Summer is upon us…a few healthy habits for seniors to keep active!

Maintaining healthy habits can play a huge role in enhancing the well-being of seniors and their overall quality of life—physically and mentally. Research has shown a healthy routine can sharpen the minds of aging adults and reduce their

risk of depression and cognitive decline. Learn how professional senior care can help.

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Walking outdoors puts you in direct contact with sunlight. Exposure to sunlight increases levels of serotonin, the body's natural mood stabilizer. Serotonin helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Sunlight also increases your vitamin D intake, another mood enhancer.

Getting outdoors promotes social interaction, whether through meeting new people or spending time with friends and loved ones. Natural environments are comforting sites for spiritual connectedness and for escaping the strains common in later life, such as boredom, isolation and loneliness.

Non-slip and shock-absorbent soles - the soles on the walking shoes of older adults should be resistant to slips. A proper sole should fasten to the ground in wet and dry conditions. Wearing a pair of sneakers with slip-resistant soles will significantly reduce your loved one's risk of falling.

For seniors with limited mobility, however, enjoying hobbies or activities in the beautiful weather that brought them joy in the past can be a challenge. If one uses a cane or a walker, it is still possible to get out for a walk (with assistance if needed). And if one is wheelchair-bound, there are still plenty of benefits to simply getting outdoors at all.

Home support workers can help take people outside and enjoy the beautiful weather without risk or fear of injury or getting lost. Companionship services are offered with home support workers in Chilliwack and Surrey. Call today 778 - 539 - 5300 to learn more :)

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