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Learning the Difference Between Live-in Care and 24 Hour Home Care?

Learning the Difference Between Live-in Care and 24 Hour Home Care?

Have you considered looking into arranging around the clock for yourself or a family member? This is a great option for people not interested in moving into a care home for their daily care needs to be looked after. Modern Day Home Health Care offers both our Live-In Care Giver Program as well as 24 hour around the clock care to assist with medical support and companionship. No matter your medical condition or living situation, you will have the option to pick the type of caregiver you would like to help you. When you call to inquire about arranging around- the-clock care, you will learn about the two options we have at this time which is 24 hour shift work or a Live in Caregiver. People prefer these option then long term or assisted living, as it allows them to stay home with their care needs looked after. We discuss the differences between the two services to give you more insight into which option you would like to go with.

We breakdown  the advantages and disadvantages of both options here for you.

Live-In Care Number of caregivers per day: 1 Hours per day a caregiver works: 24 hours Sleeping break: 8 hours Cost: Daily Flat Rate; +/- 3 hour break coverage (optional) 24 Hour Home Care Number of caregivers per day: Minimum 2 caregivers, shift work Hours per day a caregiver works: 8 to 12 hours shifts Sleeping break: Optional – decided by you Cost: Daily Flat Rate: Hourly Rate


Live-in Care Our Live- In Care program has becoming increasingly popular! More and more people would rather have the 1:1 support at home with the same caregiver then be in a care home environmnet with no control over the caregivers who are caring for you. With live-in care, one caregiver is booked daily for a 24 hour period. One caregiver can be booked for a maximum of four to five days per week depending on the location. For the other days, a different caregiver will be booked. The caregiver would be able to take a 3 hour break at some time during the day that works best for you in which they can stay home or go out. If you need coverage during this time, we can always send another caregiver during that time to give you peace of mind. This caregiver would have their own bedroom and bathroom (ideal) in your home. A 8 hour sleeping break would be included in the daily flat rate. We determine your flat rate during the initial care planning. Advantages:

Our clients that have a Live in Caregiver are fond of their caregivers, they become like family looking after their physical, emotional and mental welfare. They look forward to having their caregiver arrive week after week, and we always prioritize consistent caregivers so that you can continue to build a trusting professional relationship with them. We work with you to find the ideal Live in Caregiver with our Compatibility matching testing. Your caregiver will be a professional, experienced, caring, compassionate and courteous caregiver, that is our Guarantee to you.   Disadvantages

The 3 hour break during the day may not be ideal for some individuals, such as people with moderate to severe dementia, or others that have more serious medical conditions. In those instances, we do suggest to opt to receive break coverage from Modern Day Home Health Care at that time. Also, during the night the caregiver is able to rest for 8 hours, so if you needed care during the night, the live in care may not be ideal. However, if you are occasionally needing help during night, the caregiver may be able to assist you still with the Live in Caregiver, however, the nurse would need to further asses your care needs at night before making a decision and action plan.


 Shift Work - 24 Hour Care

We can have the caregivers come for 8 or 12 hour shifts to provide ongoing coverage during the day and night. They will help with all your medical and non medical care needs. People prefer this option when they don’t want a caregiver to live with them, but it is medically necessary to always have support nearby to help them. No sleeping break is required when choosing this option. You will be billed for the hourly rate for all hours in this option.


There is no sleeping break or day break for the caregiver to leave. A caregiver will always be there to help you giving you peace of mind. We will still try to same the same faces for each shift so that you can gain familiarly and trust in your caregivers. The caregivers will arrive fresh and well rested to help you with your care needs each shift.


The potential downside of this option is that the cost is higher due to it being billed at an hourly rate. Live in Care is about half the cost of hourly care, so this is something to consider when making a decision.  


Are you exploring home care options for yourself you’re a loved one?

Modern Day Home Health Care can provide around-the-clock care. Email us at or call us at 778-539-5300 to learn how Modern Day Home Health Care can assist.

Live in Care and 24 Hour Care in Chilliwack, Agassiz, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission and Fraser Valley.

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