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Modern Day Home Health Care: Experts in Infection Control

Experts in Infection Control You can count on us to provide care in your home to you that is up to the highest standards of infection control and prevention. We have multiple layers of protection we implement daily before each encounter with our beloved clients. Health screening assessments are conducted by each employee prior to shift to ensure that none of our staff are experiencing any of the cold or flu like symptoms commonly exhibited by Covid infected individuals. Additionally, we wear personal protective equipment such as a mask the entire time we are with you. Gloves and gowns are readily available if more direct care is being provided. Hand hygiene and regular hand sanitizing are a regular practice of ours. If any of our staff have been in contact with Covid-19 positive patients in the community, they will not be providing care to you in order to stop the spread. Our staff are vaccinated, and eager to not only provide care, but also to get to know you!

You may be surprised to learn that due to decreases in staffing levels in the public home and community care sector, many of these extra precautions are not being implemented. Ask your service providers if they are taking every reasonable step to prevent the spread of Covid -19 amongst you and your family members. Alarmingly, public home care services have been knowingly commingling staff that have had direct contact with positive Covid patients in the community with those patients who are not. Many of the seniors who receive care from these caregivers were not even informed that their caregiver was just in contact with Covid positive patients. Ask yourself, would you want your mom or dad to receive care from a caregiver that was just providing direct care to a symptomatic Covid positive patient. The reality is that there are multiple different caregivers that are going in and out of positive Covid patients’ homes, and then coming to your home, and you don’t even know it. It is your right to be offered care that you feel safe and comfortable with, and also to be able to refuse care if it does not meet your level of standard.

Please be assured that Modern Day Home Health Care will not be as cavalier with your health. We do not send caregivers who have been in contact with Covid positive patients in the community with those who are not. If there was an exposure, our care staff are to be tested, and quarantined as directed by the PHO. Its that simple. There is always another way, and it may not be the most economical, but it is the only we are going to stop the spread of Covid–19. Please note, that the above has been reported to the Provincial Health Minister for further investigation.

We understand that the senior population is the most vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19 due to their increased age, comorbidities and decreased immune function. Therefore, it is paramount that every precaution, no matter how small, is taken to stop the spread of Covid-19 amongst our beloved seniors

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