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Post Surgery In Home Care

Are you expecting major surgery in the near future? Are you worried about how you will manage at home on your own after the surgery? Modern Day Home Health has qualified care staff that can help you with all your activities of daily living post surgery so that you can recover comfortably and at peace in your home. We will be able to help you with everything from getting you home after surgery to helping you with showering and doing that much needed load of laundry.

Please take your time to read some of the commonly asked questions we receive from patient’s inquiring about setting up home care post surgery.

After what types of surgeries may I need home care for? We have helped patients with all sorts of surgery rehabilitate in their homes. To name a few would include: Knee and Hip replacement, mastectomy, spinal surgery, shoulder and clavicle fractures, post motor vehicle accident recovery, post amputation surgery, post bladder and prostate surgery, post cancer and tumor treatment/radiation/chemotherapy, post stroke recovery, post G or J tube insertion. We are able to help all types of patients after their surgery because we have nurses overseeing the care of each patient’s unique care needs post surgery.

How often will a caregiver be with me after surgery? Each patient is unique and will require various amounts of care after their surgery. Some may only need someone to check in on them once a day, while others would prefer to have someone with them day and night to attend to their care needs. Therefore, once you know your surgery date, please call us as soon as possible to set up the care required to ensure we reserve a caregiver to be with you during your recovery at home. We have no long term contracts, so once you start to feel better, just let us know and we will adjust your care hours as you request.

Will I be able to get a ride home after surgery? Yes, absolutely. If you would like one of our care staff to bring you home post surgery in most cases we can arrange that with sufficient notice.

What if I have nursing related questions after the surgery, who can I contact?

We fortunately always have nurse on call who can answer any and all of your nursing related questions. If you are worried or have questions about your incision, wound care, dressings, drains let one of our nurses know. Also, the nurses can help identify if you are developing a infection post surgery and how to proceed if you are in a timely manner.

What if my wound dressings or tubes need to be changed or drained? Who can do that? Our care staff in most cases can empty drains and reinforce dressings for you if you find that they are getting heavy and soaking through. If you require more direct wound care, one of our nurses can oversee and manage our wounds for as long as you like or until they are healed.

Can you cook and shop for me? After surgery, it is vital that you are eating proper nutritious meals and drinking fluids. You lose a lot of blood during surgery, so getting your blood volume back to normal is essential for optimal functioning and wound healing. Meals that include protein, vitamins and minerals are also the building blocks for your wounds and muscles. Your meals should include all of these and our care staff will customize meals to ensure you are hitting your daily recommended amounts of nutrients. Grocery shopping can be arranged as well.

Can you take me to my follow up doctors appointments?

In some instances, your surgeon will require follow up doctors visit with you to remove stiches, etc. If this is the case, we can have our care staff take you to those appointments and bring you back home. They can also take notes to share with your family in case you cannot remember what the doctor has said. As soon as you get your appointment times, please let us know immediately so that we can prebook your appointments in to our scheduling software so that they are not forgotten or missed!

What if I am having a lot of pain after surgery? If you are experiencing pain, usually your surgeon will have prescribed stronger pain medications for you post surgery. If you need assistance with managing the pain, our care staff can record and administer the pain medications as directed from your doctor post surgery to ensure you are getting around the clock pain control. Controlling pain is so important in the rehabilitation phase post surgery, because once the pain is controlled you will be more willing to engage in your regular activities as well as physiotherapy to regain movement and strength in your affected body parts.

Who can help me with getting stronger after my surgery? Do you offer any exercise or physio?

For some surgeries like hip or knee surgery, you will be prescribed physiotherapy to do daily at home to ensure you do not develop any complications or increased muscle loss post surgery. It is paramount that these are done daily. Some of our patients request that the care staff do this along with them to motivate and encourage them to do it. We have seen a lot of success with patients post surgery who commit to doing their physiotherapy. In some instances there is no physiotherapy prescribed and that is when we like to offer our own exercise routine that we normally do with patients to help strengthen muscles and get blood flowing all over the body to joints and wounds. Our care staff are happy to do this with you post surgery as well.

Can you help me with my ice therapy to reduce swelling? Ice helps with healing as it decreased swelling. If your surgeon has prescribed this for you, then absolutely we will assist with this as well.

Will you be able to do light housekeeping and laundry for me after my surgery?

We realize that once our home, the show must go on! You still have chores that need to be done on a daily basis such as mopping, laundry, changing bed sheets, dishes, taking out the trash or taking dog for a walk. We are able to assist with all of these housekeeping tasks so that you can focus of healing.

How will I shower after my surgery to prevent my dressings from getting wet? Post surgery your surgeon will want you to keep your wound and dressing. If you require a sponge bath, the care staff are able to assist this daily for you. If you want to shower however, we can also assist with that. The care staff would use a plastic bag to cover your dressing and tape down the edges so that no water would swoosh in while your showering.

Does my insurance cover this type of care after my surgery?

We advise everyone to call their health insurance to see if post surgery home care and nursing care is covered by your insurance provider. If so, simply give us the claim and account number and we will take it over from there.

___________________________________________________________________________________ We want to take the fear and worry out of recovery for you. We realize you may not want to ask a friend or family to help after surgery, and therefore, we are there to help you. Our staff are professional, reliable and competent in their jobs, and above all want to see you recover well in your home. Call Modern Day Home Health Care Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Surrey today to learn more: 778 – 539 – 5300

Thank you for trusting us with your care.

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