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Prevent Cold and Flu this Winter Season with These 3 Tips

Prevent Cold and Flu this Winter Season with these 3 Tips

1. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Our hands are great reservoirs for germs to incubate, grow and spread. Every time we touch something, we transfer our germs to other people and items. These germs will then have the potential to infect other people. Anytime you touch your face, help others with personal care, cough or sneeze into your hands, remember to wash your hands for vigorously for 30 seconds with soap and water.

2. Eat Immune Boosting Foods

The winter season is a great time to stock up on powerful immune boosting veggies in soups and stews. Carrots, broccoli, kale, leeks, onions, ginger, garlic, are just a few of the potent germ busting veggies we can add to our meals to help ramp up our immune systems. These foods lessen the effect of bacteria and viruses in our body, and therefore weaken and destroy them from having a overwhelming effect on us.

3. Take Vitamin D Supplement

If you were to do a simple google search on the relationship between Vitamin D and the human immune system, you would be amazed at the vast amounts of research studies that have been conducted over the years that support Vitamin D ingestion for greater immune support. Vitamin D is a hormone in us that is severely deficient in the North American population and consequently, we need to take a supplement to reach a baseline acceptable level in our body.

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